Draque Bien Bibiana Bijou

Draque Bien Bibiana Bijou "Helmi"
9.5.2010 - 29.12.2014
Helmi has gone to rainbow bridge, we said good byes to her in the evening and she slept away peacefully. Helmi left us with wonderful and funny memories. She was our town's best ball games player. Never would she would get tired of it before counter party. Even in her last days she wanted to play with us, despite her very weak condition. Erkki was everything to Helmi. They went walking together, played a lot, and often Helmi would sleep in his arms, head in the same pillow. She loved stealing socks so everyone in the house had to take good care of their socks. Our grand children loved Helmi and this week Minttu 3,5 years asks every day "Why is Helmi dead?". We ask the same, why?

Helmi, always on our minds.
Kaija & Erkki

Helmi became a victom of dog poisoner and despite to large efforts by her owners and long fight, she could not make it. Many thanks to Kaija and Erkki for doing your very best to rescue Helmi and giving her such a wonderful home during her life. We miss you sweet sweet Helmi.